Matty Mac is an up and coming rapper from Boulder, Colorado who’s been making a name for himself through a few solo mixtapes, the latest being “Kid Vision” which dropped May 1st, 2012. After the release of the “My Life in Color Mixtape”(Spring 2011), Matty Mac was interviewed and featured on WWSmag.com. During Summer 2011, “The Mid-Summer Mixtape”(July 2011) was released and he teamed up with the clothing company, Most Valuable Threads, out of San Diego CA. Matty Mac landed the deal at his college orientation when he happened to talk with one of the owners, Shea Backus. He also put out his first music video, shot and edited by Brandon Kahl (KU Film student).
Currently he attends school at The University of Colorado at Boulder and continues to gain a following, especially due to the release the third mixtape, “CO to LA”(Fall 2011) and most recent mixtape, “Kid Vision”(May 2012) which has 5000 hits and 450+ downloads as well as a feature on local music blog Thedankles.com. Matty Mac has performed at Quixote’s venue in Denver as well as some local boulder parties and will be performing for a Candygrind sponsored event July 6th in Colorado Springs, then opening for Logic and Tayyib Ali on July 19th in Denver.. Now Matty Mac has teamed up with manager Mike Phillips and is surrounded by some of the most ambitious people in Boulder, hoping to make moves. With 338 Facebook fans (and counting) Matty Mac will be blowing up youtube or your favorite music blog within the next few months. Stay Tuned!


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